Water-Based Family Entertainment Center

A revolutionary concept in recreation.

A Water-Based Family Entertainment Center(WBFEC) can turn any location — lake, waterfront, marina or even just a parcel of land—into a revenue-generating attraction that your guests will never forget.

With over 25 years experience in recreation development, the CRS team brings together unsurpassed industry knowledge, product innovation, and project management expertise. We provide a full-service business opportunity that’s custom tailored to your needs. Our team researches, develops and supports businesses from start-up to operation, providing countless benefits that ensure your success.

  • Small Investment, BIG Return: Affordable phasing yields immediate revenue.
  • Easily Expandable: As profits grow, your WBFEC an grow…
  • The WBFEC Impact: Increases revenue for existing & adjacent recreational facilities and concessions.
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