Case Study: Shark Wake Park

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

From cable skills to aquatic thrills. Shark Wake Park—located in the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex—prides itself on being a family-friendly destination with comprehensive recreational offerings for everyone. The park is home to a 5-tower full-size cable wake park with UNIT Parktech features, a smaller 2-tower cable system perfect for beginners, a fully-equipped pro shop and its very own Shark Shack offering food and adult beverages.

But even with a successful cable park established, Shark Wake Park needed a cost-effective way to increase their daily customer through-put and boost profits. They turned to Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to come up with a tailored solution for their park.

Keeping the parks’ thrill-seeking customers in mind, the experts at CRS developed a floating obstacle course featuring a variety of pieces that allow participants to climb, slide, jump and more, while trying to stay upright and make their way through the course. The large aqua park—one of the largest on the entire East Coast—covers an acre of water and was designed for fast-paced, continual play, allowing guests to go from one activity to the next. (Scroll to continue…)

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