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Stand-Up Paddleboards

Unlike other board sports that take hours to learn, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are easy to learn and incredibly fun. The feeling of “standing on water” is a cool way to explore the waterfront as you glide around. Our SUPs and paddles are designed for commercial use and offer unrivaled durability with proven, long-lasting performance — they’re ideal for summer camps, resorts and repeat rentals.

  • ACE-TEC Classic SUP

  • TOUGH-TEC Stand-Up Paddleboards

  • Aquaglide Cascade Inflatable SUP

  • Aquaglide Impulse SUP

  • Stand-Up Paddleboard Rack

  • Aquaglide Rhythm Adjustable 69″-84″

  • BIC Aluminum Paddles

  • BIC Fiberglass Paddles

  • BIC SUP Multi & Coil Leash

  • BIC FCS Dolphin 9″ Soft Fin

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