Lightning Detection

Get serious about lightning detection. Our Strike Guard Lightning Warning System is a scientifically proven, patented, fully-automated, early-warning detection system. It monitors both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning to detect threats up to 20 miles away and issues an alarm based on proximity. With audible alarms and a visual strobe, there is no doubt when a credible threat is in the area. View our Lightning Detection and Emergency Alert Packages here.

With no false alarms, you can confidently implement a standard lightning safety policy that eliminates stressful manual decision-making by onsite staff or volunteers. Email and text notifications triggered by user-definable alarm thresholds make this a superior warning system. Once the threat has passed, the “all clear” signal lets everyone know normal activities may be resumed. Just imagine the peace of mind…


We’re very serious about keeping your community safe. Get ahead of disaster before it strikes. Contact us to get started.

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Using state-of-the-art Strike Guard technology, we will create a customized lightning detection solution for your unique topography, coverage requirements, and budget.

The Strike Guard Lightning Warning System by WXLine offers:

  • Detection up to 20 miles away
  • User-selectable Caution, Warning and Alarm ranges
  • Audible and visual alarms with no false alarms
  • Automatic “All Clear” notification
  • No cleaning or calibration required
  • Lightning-proof components with high-capacity battery backup power
  • Optional software for automatic e-mail, text messaging or pager notification
  • Warranty protection

Does your Lightning Emergency Action Plan (EAP) meet OSHA requirements?

OSHA requires an Emergency Action Plan, which includes a written lightning safety protocol in the event of lightning storms. The lack of a system in place with a written appraoch will result in a failed inspection – or worse; unfortunate incidents down the road.

How can I prepare for the requirement and keep my community safe?

1.) Implement a fully automated lightning detection system:

A fully automated Lightning Detection System detects threats from both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning up to 20 miles away which prevents human error.

2.) Put together a written lightning threat protocol in your EAP:

Indicate and train staff on how they are notified about lightning safety warnings, when to act and evacuate, where to go, and when it is safe to resume activities.

3.) Post clear, public signage in outdoor areas:

Post readable and accessible lightning protocol safety signage outdoors to keep both patrons and staff informed about procedures.

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