Emergency Alert Systems

As safety becomes a growing concern, we are helping camps take additional precautions through our Emergency Alert System that will ensure the safety of campers and staff.

Even with the best laid plans, it can be difficult to communicate when emergency plans have been put into action. The Emergency Alert System provides a simple and fast way to communicate to campers and staff.

A quick turn of a key or push of a button is all it takes for a signal to be sent wirelessly to all sirens throughout your site to signal that the plan has been put into motion and that the campers and staff should proceed with the plans.

This versatile system comes standard with four distinct siren tones and can be used to alert a variety of situations including: a lost camper; an unwanted guest; inclement weather; or signal the “all clear” when everything can return to normal. Available from single through quadruple siren station packages, the Camp Emergency Alert System include:

  • All-weather, 120 degree directional horns
  • WAVE-wireless transmitter with antenna
  • AC power supply and battery backup
  • 50′ coaxial cable
  • Optional: solar panel, strobe light, and emergency button (allows for quick activation with the punch of a single button)