Social distancing might be here to stay but that won’t keep the beach away! An inflatable beach tent that provides shade, privacy, and social distance. These Cocoons are easily inflated for a sunny day by the water while still spacing your patrons from other visitors. Distribute your Cocoons in rows 6 feet apart or more for a fun, protected, and safe experience for all! Allow visitors to reserve their Cocoon(s) ahead of time to ensure your waterfront operates as safely as possible while continuing to generate revenue and enhance your visitors’ experience!

Inflatable BeachCocoons are easy to set up and take down, and they store compactly. Curtains on all four sides and the roof can be rolled back to give patrons their desired amount of sun exposure and privacy. Because the curtains can be opened, you can position Cocoons side by side to create a larger space for families to relax.

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