Elevations™ & PlayNuk™

Take play to the next level.

A duo of engaging water-play solutions, Elevations™ and PlayNuk™ add new dimensions to your shallow pools and Splashpads!

  • Elevations™ offer multi-level adventure with a near-endless array of possibilities.
  • PlayNuk™ scales down Elevations™ for younger explorers and packs games into every nook and cranny.

Elevations and PlayNuk add an extra dimension to pools to offer multi-level adventure in a stimulating environment. Add slides, overhead water features, or place an Octodeck on an island in a lazy river to maximize your play space and increase the fun. Whether adding a few features or doing a total revamp of your space, there are many benefits to including Elevations and PlayNuk into your planning.

  • Modern Architectural Design – Styles and colors that blend with or compliment the surroundings
  • Options For All Pool Types – Big or small, indoors or out, Elevations are suitable for every facility
  • Re-Vamp & Refresh – Elevations, water slides and cascades features can revitalize your amenity
  • Flexible & Expandable – Modular configurations fit any size and location and can be added to over time
  • Keep Visitors Onsite & Engaged – With multiple water effects, the fun never ends

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