H2Whoa! Zone

This could be you.

When you bring it all together, that’s the “wow” everyone is looking for. It’s the sort of thing where patrons, donors, community members come your facility and can’t help but to immediately go, “WHOA!”

That’s the H2Whoa! Zone. And it’s what CRS is all about. We’ve mastered the concept of bringing it all together. From years of experience working with clients in all forms of commercial recreation, we know how to bring the “whoa”. We can enhance or revamp your existing location, or create something completely new. Your lake, pond, marina, or even just an unused parcel of land can become a programming-enhancing waterfront attraction.

Campers and patrons will love the variety of fresh attractions in your new full-featured waterfront. To really get a taste of what’s possible, there’s probably no better example of a Whoa! Zone coming to live than in “The Camp Crosley Story”. From an empty 9-acre field came a glimmering purpose-built pond. And a new era had begun at a venerable camp celebrating its 100th anniversary. Literally, from concept to completion we were there every step of the way providing ideas, guidance and instruction on how to make the dream a reality… we even navigated the permit requirements with local and state officials.

The result? Programming increased capacity 125% the first summer, met repeatedly with an unabashed: