Case Study: The Camp Crosley Story

North Webster, Indiana

They wanted to play in the water, and they did for nearly 100 years on Lake Tippy. But growing populations around the lake brought various pollutants and irritants that made water quality unpredictable. With beach closures always a possibility, changes to their waterfront program were inevitable. “We were having trouble just letting kids swim in the lake,” recalled Richard Armstrong, the YMCA camp’s Executive Director. “So, we figured we’d need to build a pool.”

While kicking around options with Commercial Recreation Specialists, one of their suggestions was a little surprising. “Why don’t you build a pond?” That, famously, was the response to the situation by CRS President Ron Romens. A pond? That didn’t make any sense to Armstrong. “Why would we build a pond when we already have a lake?” (Scroll to continue…)

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