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Pedal Karts

Bring the storied history of pedal cars to your mix. For decades, kids have loved to be in control with their own “car”. But rarely does the experience live up the imagination when it comes to pedal karts in a commercial setting. With our Prime Karts, that all changes. The storied past of pedal cars is again alive and well for children of all ages with this line of modern pedal carts. These low-maintenance carts are built to stand the test of time with heavy-duty steel frames and air-filled tires. More than 50 years of innovative manufacturing and engineering experience will make these carts an integral part of your location with three styles and sizes to choose from.

  • Sale!

    XL 4 “Charger” Pedal Kart

  • Sale!

    Turbo Pedal Kart

  • Sale!

    Racer Pedal Kart

  • Rumble Seat

  • XL 4 “Charger” Custom Graphics

  • Prime Kart Assembly Set

  • Prime Kart Bottom Bracket Tool

  • Prime Kart Chain Break Tool

  • Prime Kart Coaster Brake Transmission

  • Prime Kart Complete Wheel with Tire, Tube & Bearing

  • Prime Kart Crank Arm Tool

  • Prime Kart Crank Bolt

  • Prime Kart Handgrip

  • Prime Kart Inner Tube for Turf Tire 16 x 6.5-8

  • Prime Kart Left Crank Arm

  • Prime Kart Pedal Set

  • Prime Kart Right Crank Arm

  • Prime Kart Seat Washer

  • Prime Kart Sport Seat

  • Prime Kart Turf Tire 16 x 6.50-8

  • Prime Kart Wheel Cap

  • Racer Bottom Bracket Assembly

  • Racer Chainguard Set

  • Racer Complete Wheel Assembly

  • Racer Front Spoiler

  • Racer Front Steering Connection Bar

  • Racer Inner Tube

  • Racer Left Crank Arm

  • Racer Left Front Axle

  • Racer Long Drive Chain

  • Racer Metal Seat Frame

  • Racer Pedal Set

  • Racer Plastic Transmission Cover

  • Racer Right Crank Arm

  • Racer Right Front Axle

  • Racer Seat

  • Racer Short Rear Chain

  • Racer Spoiler Support Bracket

  • Racer Steering End Connection Tube

  • Racer Steering Wheel

  • Racer Steering Wheel Bolt with Wedge Nut

  • Racer Steering Wheel Cap

  • Racer Steering Wheel Tube

  • Racer Tire

  • Turbo 16″ Front Inner Tube

  • Turbo 16″ Front Tire

  • Turbo 16″ Front Wheel Assembly

  • Turbo Bottom Bracket Cartridge

  • Turbo Chainguard Set

  • Turbo Fender Set

  • Turbo Long Chain (68 link)

  • Turbo Seat Frame

  • XL 4 Bottom Bracket Cartridge

  • XL 4 Chain Guard Middle Insert

  • XL 4 Complete Chain Guard Set

  • XL 4 Crankshaft with Cartridge

  • XL 4 End Connection

  • XL 4 Fender Set

  • XL 4 Front Spoiler with Graphics

  • XL 4 Long Chain (130 link)

  • XL 4 Rear Axle Flange Bearing

  • XL 4 Rear Axle Hardware Kit

  • XL 4 Rear Axle Sprocket

  • XL 4 Removable Axle

  • XL 4 Short Chain (38 link)

  • XL 4 Sport Seat with Frame

  • XL 4 Steering Drag Bar (Universal, Left or Right)

  • XL 4 Steering Hardware Set for Eyelet End

  • XL 4 Steering Wheel

  • XL 4 Steering Wheel Cap

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