There is such a thing as too much sun. Providing shade or shelter from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays is now essential for any outdoor gathering place. We offer a variety of shade and shelter solutions for parks, playgrounds, aquatic centers, wading pools, splashpads, waterparks, skate parks, picnic areas, campgrounds, resorts and sports venues.

Shade structures come in many standard sizes an configurations, including the super cool “Multi-level Sail” shown above. We can also custom make the right solution for you to fit nearly any size in almost any style. Some of the more popular styles are shown in the gallery below.

Is your location prone to high winds, hurricanes or tropical storms? Or, maybe heavy snowfalls? No problem. Our shade solutions are engineered to your climate, and also feature a quick-release mechanism for easy fabric removal — ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

We also have pre-engineered structural shelters from leading suppliers — such as RCP — in a variety of shelter styles including gazebos, pavilions, amphitheaters & band shells, mini-shelters, kiosks, concessions and restroom shelters. Give everyone a break and let them beat the heat or stay out of the rain.


Commercial Recreation Specialists is the exclusive Shade Systems Inc. distributor in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.



Common shade styles

T-cantilever, Single Cantilever, Rectangle Cantilever, Single Post, Mega-span, Shade Kites, Shade Sails, Multi-level Sails

Common shelter styles

Gazebo, Pavilion, Amphitheater, Band shell, Mini-shelter, Kiosk, Restroom shelter, Concessions

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