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Prime Karts

It’s a whole new level of FUN with Prime Karts! These safe, durable, low-maintenance pedal carts provide patrons with a totally new experience while providing owners an excellent return on investment. With a commitment to continuous improvement, our Prime Karts are designed with a goal of 100% up-time, because down-time means lost revenue. Available in three styles, these pedal karts come standard with adjustable seats, air-filled tires and durable powder-coated steel frames to handle the rigors of commercial use. Build your revenue generating fleet today!

  • Sale!

    XL 4 “Charger” Pedal Kart

  • Sale!

    Turbo Pedal Kart

  • Sale!

    Racer Pedal Kart

  • Rumble Seat

  • XL 4 “Charger” Custom Graphics

  • Prime Kart Assembly Set

  • Prime Kart Bottom Bracket Tool

  • Prime Kart Chain Break Tool

  • Prime Kart Coaster Brake Transmission

  • Prime Kart Complete Wheel with Tire, Tube & Bearing

  • Prime Kart Crank Arm Tool

  • Prime Kart Crank Bolt

  • Prime Kart Handgrip

  • Prime Kart Inner Tube for Turf Tire 16 x 6.5-8

  • Prime Kart Left Crank Arm

  • Prime Kart Pedal Set

  • Prime Kart Right Crank Arm

  • Prime Kart Seat Washer

  • Prime Kart Sport Seat

  • Prime Kart Turf Tire 16 x 6.50-8

  • Prime Kart Wheel Cap

  • Racer Bottom Bracket Assembly

  • Racer Chainguard Set

  • Racer Complete Wheel Assembly

  • Racer Front Spoiler

  • Racer Front Steering Connection Bar

  • Racer Inner Tube

  • Racer Left Crank Arm

  • Racer Left Front Axle

  • Racer Long Drive Chain

  • Racer Metal Seat Frame

  • Racer Pedal Set

  • Racer Plastic Transmission Cover

  • Racer Right Crank Arm

  • Racer Right Front Axle

  • Racer Seat

  • Racer Short Rear Chain

  • Racer Spoiler Support Bracket

  • Racer Steering End Connection Tube

  • Racer Steering Wheel

  • Racer Steering Wheel Bolt with Wedge Nut

  • Racer Steering Wheel Cap

  • Racer Steering Wheel Tube

  • Racer Tire

  • Turbo 16″ Front Inner Tube

  • Turbo 16″ Front Tire

  • Turbo 16″ Front Wheel Assembly

  • Turbo Bottom Bracket Cartridge

  • Turbo Chainguard Set

  • Turbo Fender Set

  • Turbo Long Chain (68 link)

  • Turbo Seat Frame

  • XL 4 Bottom Bracket Cartridge

  • XL 4 Chain Guard Middle Insert

  • XL 4 Complete Chain Guard Set

  • XL 4 Crankshaft with Cartridge

  • XL 4 End Connection

  • XL 4 Fender Set

  • XL 4 Front Spoiler with Graphics

  • XL 4 Long Chain (130 link)

  • XL 4 Rear Axle Flange Bearing

  • XL 4 Rear Axle Hardware Kit

  • XL 4 Rear Axle Sprocket

  • XL 4 Removable Axle

  • XL 4 Short Chain (38 link)

  • XL 4 Sport Seat with Frame

  • XL 4 Steering Drag Bar (Universal, Left or Right)

  • XL 4 Steering Hardware Set for Eyelet End

  • XL 4 Steering Wheel

  • XL 4 Steering Wheel Cap

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