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Water Trampolines & Bouncers

Water trampolines and bouncers are a great way to give your waterfront the lift you’re looking for. These easy-to-use pieces bring addictive bouncing fun for any age. Use as a stand-alone piece or as part of an aqua park system to give your water that irresistible bounce. It won’t be long and your they’ll be the center of attention…

  • Aquaglide Inversible

  • Aquaglide Rebound Bouncer with Swimstep™

  • Aquaglide Rebound Slide

  • Aquaglide SuperTramp™ 27

  • Aquaglide SuperTramp™ 35

  • Aquaglide SuperTramp™ Trampoline w/ Swimstep™

  • Aquaglide SuperVolley 30′

  • Aquaglide Tango™

  • Bouncer XXL

  • Dome

  • RAVE Aqua Jump® Eclipse™

  • RAVE Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ 200 Stainless

  • RAVE Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Park

  • RAVE Bongo™ Bouncer

  • RAVE Bongo™ Bouncer Park

  • RAVE Classic Aqua Jump® 25

  • RAVE Classic Aqua Jump® 25 Park

  • RAVE Spin Wheel™ Package

  • RAVE Splash Zone Plus 12′ with Slide & Log

  • RAVE Splash Zone Plus 16′ with Slide & Launch

  • Trampoline 2

  • Trampoline 4

  • Replacement Safety Pad for Bouncer XXL

  • Replacement Safety Pad for Trampoline 4

  • Wibit Bouncer XXL Jumping Mat

  • Wibit Trampoline 4 Jumping Mat

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