Geese Deterrent System

We do it right. This innovative system gets rid of problem geese without the use of harsh chemicals, noise makers, or inhumane means. Plus, it’s maintenance-free and solar-powered. You’ll love the results.

The solution is simple, really. At night, geese sleep in or near water areas where they feel secure. Our system emits an amber beam that is barely noticeable to people, but is annoying to geese. This makes them uncomfortable and, in a few days, the geese just move on!

  • RESIDENTIAL UNIT (4″ W x 18″ H) – Stakes into ground on lawns, gardens and other grassy areas. Protects 75 yd radius.
  • WATER UNIT (11″ W x 15″ H) – Floating unit can be tethered or anchored. Protects 3.5 acre area.
  • DOCK UNIT (4″ W x 18″ H) – Bolts to your dock. Includes mounting bracket.
  • ROOF UNIT (15″ W x 15″H) – Perfect for flat rooftops. Large base can be weighted with sand.
  • INDUSTRIAL UNIT (4″ W x 18″ H) – Effective around golf courses and athletic fields. Features ground screw to protect from theft. Add the Optional Protective Cage made with 6 pounds of heavy-duty steel to protect from vandalism.


  1. Maintenance-free. Even leave them out all winter.
  2. Won’t bother people. While annoying to geese, the amber beam is barely noticeable to humans (or other birds!).
  3. Environmentally-friendly. No harsh chemicals.
  4. A humane solution. Without noisemakers and chemicals, it’s the humane way to keep geese away.
  5. Cost-effective and sustainable. Rechargeable unit works year-round, through all seasons and is built to last.
  6. Free site assessment. Which unit, how many, and where to place them are important questions to have answers to. We’ll help you get it right to ensure success.


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Residential Unit, Water Unit, Dock Unit, Roof Unit, Industrial Unit, Protective Cage (Industrial Unit ONLY)

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