Waterfront & Project Planning Guide

Considerations for building your attraction.


Have you been asking the right questions? A little self-examination will put you on the path to success. The right combination of pieces will set you up with a winning recipe for creating a successful waterfront attraction.


Sounds simple, but why are you doing this? Success is more than loading your waterfront with “cool stuff”. Are you looking to provide an additional amenity? Or aspiring to directly generate more revenue? Maybe you’re looking to maximize waterfront programming and relieve pressure on other programs. Identifying and setting clear goals early on will lead you to solutions that yield long-term success.


Assess the area you can use. It’s not about how much space you have, it’s how you plan to use it. Making your space work for you is the key. So assess your environment — the overall measured area, water depth variations, surrounding terrain, peak-season-sun-angles — and compile the best fitting combination of products from water inflatables, water mats, climbing walls, docks, stand-up paddleboards, etc. And don’t forget land-based enhancements like shade structures and playgrounds to help you get the most out of your waterfront attraction.


A small investment can yield big return. When you know what you can invest, you’ll know what’s possible. And it can be a lot. Through affordable phasing plans, you can find success and satisfaction with immediate results while you phase in improvements that allow your waterfront attraction to grow with your business.


That depends upon who you are appealing to. To appeal to the broadest, family-friendly audience you’ll typically want to create three types of zones. Pieces for a Shallow Zone are ideal for younger children and swimmers with limited ability. Put together a Deep Zone targeting teens and adults and include “thrill pieces” such as an Action Tower XXL or Summit Express. Then create a Passive Zone with floating mats or platforms, as well as pieces that offer shade to provide a break from the action.

Lastly, do you need help? We can make it happen.

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