Case Study: Foster Arend Park

Rochester, Minnesota

For decades, Foster Arend Park has served the Rochester community with a free source of waterfront entertainment. But through various community engagement efforts, residents raised concerns about the lack of aquatics-based recreation. The city’s Parks and Recreation division determined that a large-scale commercial water park was simply not feasible, so they began looking for less-expensive alternatives that wouldn’t compromise on fun.

The solution? An inflatable floating water park

Custom-designed by Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS), the inflatable water park is a public-private venture nestled off the shores of Foster Arend Beach. The city owns the beach, and a third-party concessionaire, Water Parks of Minnesota LLC, operates the facility. The hugely popular Aquaglide Aquapark 75 offers a circuit configuration with multiple routes and activity zones to allow for constant play throughout the course and, of course, constant fun(Scroll to learn more…)

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