Challenge Track M – 34[1]

Challenge Track M

The Aquaglide Challenge Track M is a twist on the original. Optimized for short course pools, Challenge Track M has a more traditional depth profile ranging from 3.5 to 8 feet (1m – 2.44m). Four interesting challenges provide numerous, exciting play options for up to 12 users at once. Includes Aquaglide features such as the Jungle Jim, King of the Mountain, Overpass, and Universal Keyhole.



62' L x 16' 6" W x 6' 9" H

Minimum Water Depth



12 People


Duratex™ 28 oz PVC. Commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material.


Swimstep 5 x 5 (4), Jungle Jim (1), King of the Mountain (set) (1), Overpass 10 (1), Universal Keyhole (1)

Product Weight

703 lbs

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