SportsPark XL

The ultimate aquatic adventure. Made up of giant slides, towers, trampolines, tunnels and more, this floating playground on-the-water provides hours of high-energy, family fun for all ages!

The incorporated route finder offers different challenge paths for every skill level. Guests will love testing their strength and endurance as they make their way through infinite loops of exhilarating floating obstacles.

Wibit’s new StepUp System (SUS) combines new and existing products with the original Step, making it easier than ever to climb up onto the SportsPark. This cost-effective innovation maximizes fun while increasing park efficiency. Guard towers and strategically placed high-rise pieces ensure guest safety at all times.

Whether you’re looking to enhance programming, create a new attraction, generate new streams of revenue or boost attendance, the SportsPark XL will transform your facility.



154' L x 185' W x 13' H

Minimum Water Depth



303 People


Commercial grade, seam-welded 32 oz PVC


Action Tower XL (1), Action Tower XXL (1), Balance Beam (2), Base SUS (6), Bridge (2), Cliff (2), Curve (2), Deck 3 (2), Dome (1), GuardTower (1), Halfpipe (1), High Roller (1), Hurdle (2), L-Connect SUS (4), Ledge (1), Monkey Bars (1), Peak (1), Quarterpipe (1), R-Connect SUS (4), Rodeo Slide (1), Roundabout (1), SideKick (6), Slide (1), Slope (1), Springboard (1) StartGate SUS (1), Step (1), Swing (1), Target (1), T-Connect SUS (13), Trampoline 2 (1), Turn SUS (2)

Accessories Included

Bungees for Anchoring, 2 Electric Pumps, and 2 Accessory Kits

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