Ring Monsoon

The possibilities are endless! Offering enhanced challenge circuits in a racetrack style, Rings were originally designed for those who prefer to charge toward the destination. But even those fixed on the finish might meander as they pass through the various play zones, explore multi-use feature items, cross tempting pathways, and encounter the inescapable allure of flagships play stations. These parks guarantee excitement at the finish and all along the way! Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Consult with a product sales specialist to customize a solution to fit your goals.



84'L x 75'W, 85'L x 130'W, 106'L x 141'W, 148'L x 134'W, 169'L x 225'W

Minimum Water Depth

9', 11', 12', 13'6"


50 People, 75 People, 100 People, 160 People, 225 People


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  • Aquapark-Ring-Monsoon-LG-100
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  • Aquapark-Ring-Monsoon-XXL-225