Are you ready to slide?! Then you’ll love the Mountain! Because of its impressive size alone, the Mountain is a huge highlight for every Aqua Park. Aptly named due to its enormous size, this thrilling obstacle is made up of 5 exhilarating slides which come as 5 modular pieces for easy set up.  For those who like adventure, the Sky-Jump is the right place to go: from a height of 13 feet, the slide goes steeply downhill and even catapults you a bit higher at the end. On the largest slide, multiple people can slide together and even hold hands. The multi-slide has a competitive character and is divided into four lanes. In addition, there are two single slides and a ladder, which has been optimized so that as many visitors as possible can climb the mountain as quickly as possible. Generate excitement, new interest, attendance and revenue for your facility by getting your Mountain today!




44' 11" L x 29' 6" W x 13' 1" H

Minimum Water Depth



12 People

Weight Capacity

1985 lbs


Commercial grade, seam-welded 32 oz PVC

Product Weight

1,781 lbs

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