Wibit 3-Year Limited Warranty

How do I know whether a defect is covered by guarantee or not?
Please provide Wibit with pictures of the defect and the serial number of each defective product. The serial number is located next to the valve. With these references Wibit decides which steps need to
be taken next.

What does Wibit’s 3 year guarantee cover?
Wibit guarantees the correct workmanship of its products (inflatables, spare parts, merchandising
articles etc.) for a period of 3 years. Should a defect occur under this guarantee, Wibit will either repair the product or offer a replacement product.

What does the customer need to do in case of a guarantee?

  • In the case of a replacement Wibit will send you a Guarantee Exchange form.
  • In the case of a repair Wibit will provide you with Return for Repair form.

All relevant data must be filled in and sent back to service@wibitpsorts.com. Wibit will take care of the rest!

What is the value of a replacement product?
The value of the replacement product is calculated as the difference between the new price and the
current value of the defective product at the time at which the guarantee claim is placed.

How does Wibit determine the current product value?
The current value of the product is primarily determined by the degree of wear for the product that
would be typical for the location. To determine this value Wibit requires pictures of the product
defects and the serial number of each single product. Please send these to service@wibitsports.com.
The current value is calculated at the time that the guarantee claim is made.

What about the transport costs?
Wibit will cover the most cost-effective means of shipping of any replacement products or that of the
transport for repairs. Costs that are incurred by the end customer will be covered by Wibit if agreed
upon in advance.

What is excluded from the guarantee?
Defects resulting from:

  • Improper use, utilization of the electric blower for third-party-use
  • Improper installation, incorrect anchoring, utilization with incorrect air pressure, over-inflation
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Defects resulting from force majeure
  • Collisions, theft and vandalism
  • Modifying or falsifying the product design
  • Insufficient care and maintenance
  • Deformation or ageing of the metal parts and structures

What if the defect does not fall under guarantee?
Wibit provides the best technical support and spare parts needed if the customer decides to perform the
repair himself. Wibit will provide you with detailed repair manuals and videos showing how easy a repair
can be done.

Wibit also offers the repair to be done in one of our authorized repair facilities. Any costs for repair, spare parts and transport will then be charged. Wibit will gladly assist you in organizing the transportation.