Geese Deterrent FAQ


Can you help with unit placement? — Yes, we are happy to assist with finding the most effective placement for your devices. Using Google Earth, we take a snapshot of the problem area, measure it and recommend the unit model, quantity and most effective placement. To initiate a FREE site assessment of your location, please call us at 877-896-8442 or contact us. Learn more about site assessment

Is the light emitted annoying to people, too? — The answer is simply, ‘no’. The light emitted is hardly noticeable to people. However, it is extremely unnerving to geese. They have excellent and extremely sensitive eyesight and choose not to reside by a constant annoyance. Otherwise, the device is visually very unassuming; the base and housing are simple and blend in very well to the natural environment.

Will this work year round? — Yes, they will provide continuous service year round. The materials used in the construction of the units will hold up against ice and snow, so you can keep the product outside in your pond or in your yard year round. The light automatically recharges itself in sunlight and will keep its charge for up to 6 days without sunlight.

What if I have geese in my pond that have recently had goslings? Will the mother and goslings be deterred? — Mother geese will not forsake their goslings under any circumstances. However, after 13 to 14 weeks the goslings are weaned of their mother and capable of flight. At this point, our Geese Deterrent System will deter the mother as well as the developed goslings.

Do I need to bring the Water Unit in for the winter? — Nope. You can keep the Water Unit in the pond throughout the winter, even when it freezes over. In the northern regions you may wish to bring it in, however, as geese in these areas migrate to the south. If the unit is removed for the winter, they should be returned to the water in the early spring to continue protecting the area.

Where can I use a Geese Deterrent System? With a variety of models, the Geese Deterrent System can be used anywhere you have unwanted geese, including: athletic fields, boat docks, built-up roofs, business parks, cemeteries, commercial real estate developments, condominiums, crematoriums, farms, fields, golf courses, industrial complexes, lakes, lawns, office campuses, parking areas, parks, playgrounds, ponds, private residences, property managers, retention ponds, school campuses, shorelines, sports complexes, sports turf, and warehouses.

Will the amber beam be annoying to other birds? No. This geese deterrent will not bother other birds. Ducks, herons, and all other birds will not be affected — only geese.