CRS Offers Solution to Resident Geese Problems

Verona, WI –Whether you’re a waterfront owner or city municipality, nothing discourages guests from enjoying your grounds more than the unsightly droppings left behind by geese. Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) now offers a Geese Deterrent System, an innovative, humane and proven solution for dealing with geese problems.

“We’re excited about this new, effective product,” says Andy Berens, Product Sales Manager for CRS. “Our Geese Deterrent System provides a humane way to get rid of geese without annoying your guests. It’s a guaranteed system for dealing with large populations of geese and the potentially dangerous mess they leave behind.”

The Geese Deterrent System is a series of solar-powered lights that automatically flash every two seconds from dusk until dawn and recharge themselves throughout the day. The effectiveness of this system is based on the simple concept that at night geese congregate only in areas where they feel secure. As the amber light of the Geese Deterrent Units flash, it makes geese feel unsafe and disturbs them enough to encourage seeking a habitat elsewhere without harming them in any way.

The Geese Deterrent Units come in a variety of styles, land, water, dock and roof to accommodate any landscape where the units need to be installed. Each unit has a 75-yard radius to effectively protect up to a 3.5-acre area. Each Geese Deterrent Unit has a durable, maintenance-free ABS plastic base that withstands all weather conditions, which means there is no need to remove units in the winter.

All of the Geese Deterrent System Units are simple to use and easy to install, but CRS provides assistance to optimize the effectiveness of each unit. “We offer free site assessments to determine the most effective placement of your Geese Deterrent Units,” says Berens. “Whether it’s on the ground, your dock, in the water or on your roof; we’ll advise how to best install your units to keep your area clear of unwanted geese.”