Serious about fun!

Why Trust CRS? Taking fun seriously since 1999. Water-Based Fun Redefine your waterfront Splashpads Splash around! Miniature Golf Actually, adventure mini golf! Prime Karts Experience the thrill. Playground Equipment A clear, on-land winner. Shade & Furnishings Finishing touches make a BIG difference. Safety Equipment It's only fun if it's safe.
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“Transform Expectations with a Water-Based Family Entertainment Center”

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It's all here. Everything you need to create an unforgettable experience in, on, and around your water.

But the fun doesn't have to stop at your waterfront. Enjoy a soft-contained play unit, mini-golf, splashpads... all in shady comfort.

Concept to completion, it's what we do. Let's have some fun.

Let's have some fun!

We're about results.
With more than 75 years of combined experience, our team will get the most from your space.

Achieve Maximum Impact

Water-based Excitement!
When it comes to redefining your facility, everything is on the table -- we won't limit your options or your potential.

Just spray it!

Everyone loves a Splashpad
It really is hard to go wrong when flowing, misting, and jetting water brings the fun for the entire family.

Back to nature.

Adventure-style Mini-Golf
From your native rock paired with eye-catching water features, a hidden natural gem will emerge...

No one does it better.

Prime Karts
There's a long, rich history with pedal cars, but the thrill of "driving" has never been done better than with the all-ages Prime Kart.

Tough, and 100% Fun.

Hard to miss with these.
It's true. For fun on land, playground equipment rocks. So many options -- there's a great solution for you.

They'll all thank you.

Finish it off right.
From Shade & Shelters to Site Furnishings, we have everything you need to make sure your customers enjoy a safe, comfortable experience.

Safety first, then fun.

Ongoing fun is the result
When an environment is unquestionably safe, the fun just goes on and on and on... we'll bring that confidence to your environment.

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