5 Steps to Create a Recreation Destination

Watch Recreation Management’s educational webinar series with CRS founder, Ron Romens! As industry leader and Aqua Park inventor, Ron shares 5 Steps to Create a Recreation Destination. Learn how to uncover opportunities within your site, no matter the size, development phase, or budget. Click Access Now to watch the webinar. Learn how municipalities and day-trip attractions alike transformed their underutilized assets and outdated properties into vibrant and engaging “back-to-nature” recreation destination to get every demographic involved in the fun.


We all aspire to create a captivating recreation experience. One that attracts visitors of all ages and backgrounds while providing social, economic and environmental benefits. But how do you go about achieving this lofty goal? The intentional design of a recreation destination is key. Whether it involves enhancing your waterfront, activating a pond, reimagining your outdated pool, or creating an entirely new body of water, we’ll help you uncover waterfront wonders.

Our expert presenters will cover 5 crucial steps of the harmonious integration of an Aqua Park and the natural water’s edge, including:

  1. Site assessment and planning
  2. Open water design
  3. Opportunities on your water
  4. Opportunities surrounding your water
  5. Opportunities beyond your water

We will explore the essential qualities that make a successful recreation destination and demonstrate how a phased approach can help you realize your dream facility. You’ll gain valuable insight into the deliberate design and activation of recreation spaces that were once deemed unfeasible. From real life examples of small-scale municipalities to enchanting day-trip attractions like:

Commence phase 1 … Get inspired to begin your venture of creating a vibrant, sustainable, and engaging natural recreation destination that will leave a lasting impact for your community and visitors alike. Take the first step and register now to start uncovering your opportunities.


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