Kersplash Aquatic Climbing Walls

Add adventure to your aquatic area with a climbing wall! Children and adults alike enjoy the challenge of the climb, as well as the exhilarating plunge back into the water. Kersplash® Crystal Clear makes a bold visual statement with clear climbing wall panels that feature red, yellow and orange Groperz Hand Holds in varying shapes and sizes for climbers to use. The Kersplash frame is constructed of high-quality, 100% passivated stainless steel to withstand harsh pool environments. All Kersplash Climbing Wall materials are UV and chlorine resistant, making them well suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Kersplash Climbing Walls are modular and can be made to fit any space and deck configuration. The 4′ x 4′ panels attach to the stainless steel frame allowing you to customize the height and width of the climbing wall to fit your needs. Available in 8′, 12′ and 16′ heights and either Crystal Clear or Color.



10' L x 4' W x 8' H, 14' L x 4' W x 12' H, 17'10" L x 4' W x 16' H

Minimum Water Depth

5', 6', 9'


2 Climbing Panels, 3 Climbing Panels, 4 Climbing Panels


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