The safe, fun alternative to slides and diving boards. AquaClimb® walls energize your aquatic scene and provide a safe, fun alternative to slides and diving boards and make a great addition to your fitness and recreation programs. They also provide supplemental training for aquatic sports teams, and are a unique, fun way for kids to learn about climbing. Both indoor and outdoor locations can integrate this exhilarating activity in a safe and controlled manner with a variety of AquaClimb systems from CRS.

AquaClimb walls not only generate excitement, they can increase attendance and revenue for almost any aquatic setting. From traditional swimming pools to permanent or floating docks on open water, CRS can help you find the right aquatic climbing solution.

Customized Design

With the AquaClimb® product range, choose among six designs, four heights, and go as wide as you want to create your ultimate aquatic climbing wall. You can even print your own logo on the safety panels and rear covering.


Each panel can be rotated and swapped out to create different climbing features. All climbing holds can be rotated and swapped around for greater variety.



Ascent, Canyon, Glacier, Ice, Krystal, Spirit

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