AdventureGlass Platform Bird Boats

Get a mix of all 6 or create a flock of the same feather! The Platform style boats are two sealed pontoons with a “platform” mounted on top. This means the platform bird boats are self-draining and prevents water from collecting! Each boat is easy to paddle which will have guests paddling around for hours on end. Contact us about all options and customizations!


Capacity: 800 lbs | Up to 4 people
Dimensions (w/o bird head): 10′ L x 6′ W x 5′ 4″ H
Product Weight: 180 lbs



Swan, Pelican, Duck, Blue Heron, Pink Flamingo, Dragon


  • Platform Flamingo -gallery
  • Platform Duck -gallery
  • Platform Swan -gallery 2
  • Platform Swan -gallery 3
  • Platform Dragon -gallery