Commercial Recreation Specialists Introduces New Aquaglide Trampolines and Bouncers

Verona, WI – Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) announces the introduction of Aquaglide’s Platinum line of SuperTramps and Rebound Bouncers, according to Ron Romens, president of CRS.  The SuperTramp is available in multiple sizes including 23’, 17’ and 14’.  The Rebound Bouncer is available in either 16’ or 12’.  “The Aquaglide Platinum SuperTramps and Rebound bounce platforms represent a significant improvement over similar products because of the octagonal shape which provides superior bounce, while expanding the surface area and reducing the force toward the middle,” said Romens.

The Platinum line also offers an impressive double-wide Plunge Slide, Blast Bag, Y-Log and Slingshot Soaker Log.  When connected, these attachments create a floating activity zone that can keep children of all ages occupied for hours.  The innovative Slingshot Soaker Log combines a mesh mini-tramp and log in one versatile attachment that can be oriented with either end close to the base platform; and in addition, the mesh section can be positioned upward for use as a mini-tramp or downward for use as a small soaker pool.  The 20’x6’ Runway can be used as a standalone piece or to connect multiple platforms together.  Finally, the entire Platinum line can be connected using the InterLock system in a nearly endless series of configurations.