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    • “The lifeguards enjoy the change of pace the Wibit pieces bring to their lifeguarding. The membership loves it. We book birthday parties and have it out just about every single weekend. It’s as popular now as it was when we first got it. Our goal was to attract the 8-12 year old crowd. It’s been hugely successful.”

      —Peg L.

      YMCA of Pabst Farms

    • “Thank you CRS – You guys proved your awesomeness today! With the 100 degree weather this week, and a picnic group scheduled to come down specifically to swim in the lake, this order was vital for us, and you guys handled it with outstanding customer service and professionalism.”

      —Andy P.

      Liberty Lake Day Camp

    • We’ve been working with Ron Romens and CRS as long as I can remember. My waterfront  started small and every expansion has involved them. Our entire waterfront is made up of CRS products now.”

      —Howard S.

      Camp Modin