Spring Clean Your Inflatables: Pre-Season Prep and Maintenance

How To Prep Your Inflatables – Pre-season Tips & Tricks

Spring is just around the corner, and while you still may be wearing hats and gloves, spring cleaning should be top of mind. Now is the time to inspect your products for summer! While proper storage is one of the essentials to keeping your inflatables lasting year after year, so is preparation before placing them on the water. Seasonal maintenance of your waterfront inflatables will help you avoid unnecessary repairs and significantly extend the life of your investments. Our staff at Commercial Recreation Specialists have been working with inflatable products for more than 30 years and would like to extend our expert advice to you.

Cleaning Directions from the Pros
  • Place your inflatables on a clean surface, such as a tarp, indoor/outdoor carpet or clean plastic sheet. Make sure the area underneath is free of sticks, rocks or any sharp objects
  • Unfold, inspect and inflate the inflatable
  • If you didn’t clean your inflatable prior to winter storage, use a pressure washer with a gentle spray tip, as well as a soft bristle brush or scrub pad to wash inflatables. Using soapy water and sufficient elbow grease should remove most surface dirt, but for tough stains, grime, and mildew we recommend RAVE Speed Clean!
  • While your inflatable is covered in soapy water, it is the perfect time to check for any damaged areas or leaks that need repair. Small bubbles will accumulate on the surface where air is leaking through. Use colored chalk or a grease pencil to mark areas that need repair or patching
  • Check all valves to ensure they are clean and free of any debris or foreign objects
  • Rinse the inflatable with fresh water and allow to air dry completely
  • If not applied prior to winter storage, applying Indikon Poly Guard UV restores moisture to the vinyl material and maintains a like-new appearance. It will repel soiling and staining of the vinyl and provide protection from UV damage.
    • We recommend applying Indikon Poly Guard UV at least once per season or as needed depending on use and water quality.
    • In very sunny locations with year-round use, apply Indikon Poly Guard UV at least once a month to all sides and allow to air dry completely.
    • 1 gallon of Indikon Poly Guard UV will cover 400 to 500 square feet.
  • Never drag your inflatable over a rough surface. It will create holes and leaks, especially where it is folded.

If you have questions about your inflatable products, call one of our Recreation Specialists today!