Reinvigorate Assets With Aquatic Play!

As a community leader, you are often faced with difficult decisions when managing community attractions that are seeing dwindling interest or are in need of repair. When considering ways to reinvigorate these valuable assets, have you ever thought of incorporating aquatic play?

The right aquatic play design allows residents of all ages and abilities to experience the wonder of water while stimulating imagination and fostering creativity through unscripted play. Water play creates spaces of instant attraction where families can spend the day together in the community while children experience an abundance of development.

In an age where play often takes a back seat to busy schedules and glowing screens; water play reboots the play experience by providing the physical proximity and real life interaction necessary in forming interpersonal connections through the sharing of emotions and experiences.

In the coming weeks, we will share stories from municipalities that have seen what incorporating aquatic play through budget-friendly wading pool updates and conversions can do for communities. In the meantime, we would like to introduce our Splashpad Aquatic Play solutions.

What is a Splashpad?

A Splashpad, also known as a spray park, spray ground, aquatic play pad or water playground is a dynamic, zero-depth aquatic play area that provides endless hours of fun for the entire family. They combine the sensations of different water movements – flowing, misting and jetting with over 250 diverse features for an unequaled aquatic play adventure.

These aquatic playgrounds add value to community parks and aquatic centers by breathing new life into outdated swimming pools, wading pools and commercial waterparks. Splashpads are designed to stimulate and challenge children of all ages and abilities and have proven to be solid winners in almost any setting.

Discover your aquatic play potential

Commercial Recreation Specialists has been collaborating on wading pool update and Splashpad conversion designs and installations for over a decade. With projects in numerous markets and regions, we focus on reinvigorating dated community assets with cost-effective designs that incorporate inclusive and safe environments for all ages and abilities. We’d love the opportunity to do the same for your community. Give us a call at 877-896-8442 or contact us today to get started.