Furniture Suppliers Notice Uptick in Sales as Park Owners Expect Increased Traffic

Recreation furniture suppliers foresee strong sales in 2021 as park owners anticipate a busy season ahead. In the April 2021 issue of Woodall’s Campground Management magazine, Ron Barger, caught up with a variety of suppliers in the industry, including our president, Ron Romens, to talk about the increased demand for furnishings, as well as the latest trends and new products. Article excerpt follows below:

Ron Romens, president of Verona, Wis.-based  Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) said campground owners seem to be upping their game in a lot of different ways. “Business is very good. The camping sector has seen many new people camping in 2020 and it seems like the owners are anticipating the trend will continue,” he noted. “They are preparing for it, and that translates to a lot activity on the sales front early this year.”

Romens sees fully capitalized campground owners planning and using more strategy in how they manage the flow of campers. “They are thinking it through in this environment on how to handle traffic flow and that thinking is different than four or five years ago,” he noted. “Many new players are coming into the market as well and they are bringing capital with them.”

CRS has noticed more owners buying Adirondack-style chairs in numerous colors. AquaBanas are also a few feature for CRS. The AquaBanas feature an area for campers to relax with shade, lighting and even coolers, while also providing campers with access to the water. Parks owners could rent the smaller units for $80.00 a day and up to $120.00 a day for larger units, explained Romens.

“What’s selling hot is umbrellas and chairs for the waterfront, pool and beach areas,” said Romens, “all the site amenities around the water and shade structures where people can create little recreation zones in the shade.”  Recycled plastic furniture that holds up to the elements is also doing well.

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