Case Study: Saint Peter’s Park

Newark, New Jersey

Community revitalization. The City of Newark was looking to create more recreational offerings within its South Ward neighborhood. As part of a host of renovations, city officials worked with Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to add two interactive Splashpads and a wading pool to Saint Peter’s Park in hopes of encouraging local residents to visit the park and make it their own. In addition to the aquatic amenities, the project also included new landscaping, attractive outdoor murals, a playground, pavilion and more.

According to Neighborhood and Recreational Services Director Patrick Council, the park’s transformation serves as inspiration for future city park renovations. He states, “We are continuously looking to create recreational opportunities in the city.” The wading pool and Splashpads provide interactive play options for younger children that are not yet ready for the park’s larger swimming pool. The aquatic amenities also bring a unique family element to the park that appeals to people of all ages and abilities. Now the South Ward neighborhood has a healthy, interactive community space where families and residents can together and enjoy for years to come.

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