Case Study: Riverwalk Park and Overlook

Prairie du Sac, WI

Full steam ahead.The village of Prairie du Sac, situated along the scenic Wisconsin River, has a beautiful location for their multi-phase park rehabilitation project. The park’s theme will pay homage to the various forms of river transportation important to the area over the past century, including the steamboat.

As part of the project, the village officials teamed up with Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to provide a Play and Park Structures “steamboat” playground complete with a smokestack, ship wheel, and viewing telescopes. Poured-in-place (PIP) surfacing, representing the deck of a ship, adds extra play value as children hop from one graphic to the next. With two slides, climbing walls, and interactive play panels, this delightful play space inspires children’s imagination… and is just plain fun!


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