Case Study: Optimist Park

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Optimist Prime. Located on the south side of Sheboygan, Optimist Park is a smaller park with limited space, but its central city location appeals to local residents. In an effort to enrich the surrounding community, city officials sought to revive the underutilized park with new amenities, turning to Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) for a turn-key solution.

Since the park already featured a large shelter, playground and sports fields, the city knew they wanted to incorporate a Splashpad to increase overall park attendance while maximizing the existing space. CRS designed the Splashpad with a small footprint—but a large impact—to draw in the community to the park’s new aquatic amenity.

Featuring three distinct play zones—one for family, one for teen play and one for toddler play—the Splashpad now offers park goers a multi-generational aquatic experience that appeals to people of all abilities.