Case Study: Mead Field

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Mead Field is rated as one of the best athletic facilities in the Wisconsin Rapids area, but city officials wanted to build on the park’s offerings by incorporating more aquatics-based recreational opportunities that would appeal to all age groups. They turned to Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to design and install a Splashpad with a Water Journey system that would take the park to the next level.

City Council members worked with students from Mead Elementary School to determine the theme and select the water features for the Splashpad. Mayor Zach Vruwink wanted the students to be involved, stating “As much as this is a city project, this is the community’s project—and this is the youth of this city and their future to be a part of it.”  He also commented on how the Splashpad will boost the city’s image, exclaiming, “This project is a great validation for when people say, ‘what is the city doing to make itself more attractive and more friendly to young people and young adults.’ There’s no better example than this project.”