Case Study: Huset Park

Columbia Heights, Minnesota

The City of Columbia Heights needed a new way to splash at Huset Park. With Federal Law changes in 2010 requiring substantial modifications to public pools to comply with the provisions of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), city officials turned to Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) for a cost-saving solution for their outdated wading pool. Rather than a costly update of the existing pool, CRS suggested a complete wading pool replacement with a state-of-the-art Splashpad that would provide accessibility and sensory stimulating activities.

The new Splashpad incorporated over 40 spray features to create a fresh aquatic play experience all orchestrated by a central command center. To ensure continued reduced maintenance costs, the Splashpad was designed using a flow-through water management system that does not require filtration before returning water to the city’s storm.

As part of the project, CRS also customized and installed a Superior Triple-Sail Shade System to provide park goers with ample shade and relief from the elements. Superior shade structures are known for their versatility and flexibility, while also providing an appealing aesthetic for the park. The shade structures were strategically placed over durable seating so that parents can relax while their children enjoy the Splashpad.

Huset Park now has a safe, interactive water feature with durable seating and shade that enhances the picnic structure and playground area to create a space that can be enjoyed by both families and individuals of all abilities.


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