Case Study: Hickory Lane Park

Jackson, Wisconsin

There’s more than one way to build a beach. The Village of Jackson wanted to create a new aquatic play space that was reminiscent of the beach. They turned to Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to design a feature that would provide the benefits of a beach without all of the sand.

Armed with wavy palm trees, a whale and a schooner, the CRS team set out to design a Splashpad that would rival the sandy shores of any remote island and create a little piece of paradise right in Jackson. The finished oasis was a 2,355-square-foot Splashpad that could transport residents to the high seas without the threat of sea sickness!

The project also included much-needed shade structures for residents looking to stay ashore. The addition of two cantilever shade structures outside of the Splashpad area ensured entire family appeal. These new amenities have brought a big change to this small community, improving the quality of play for all ages and providing a space for sea captains and land-lovers alike!


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