Case Study: Harmon Park

West St. Paul, Minnesota

Historic charm. Built in 1925, Harmon Park is West St. Paul’s oldest park. But it hadn’t been updated since 1987, and with very little to offer local residents, the park just wasn’t seeing the attendance it needed. City officials wanted to make the park more family-oriented, with an abundance of recreational offerings for people of all ages and abilities.

They turned to Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) for a plan to renovate the park with family-friendly amenities that would build community and attract new residents. CRS collaborated directly with the city and a selected engineering firm to plan, design and implement the installation of a Splashpad, playground and shade structures. As part of a 15-year, six million dollar complete renovation of the park, CRS designed the aquatic playground with over 25 spray features controlled by a central command center to provide a multitude of water sensations and sequence of spray events.

The design also featured a flow-through water management system so that the city could avoid long term maintenance and associated costs found with other water management systems. CRS worked very closely with the parties involved to bring this project to a successful completion and aid in the revitalization of the community. (Scroll to continue…)

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