Case Study: Fireman’s Park

Verona, Wisconsin

Just magnificent. Nestled along the shores of a reclaimed quarry site, Fireman’s Park has provided the City of Verona with a unique public space for outdoor recreation for decades.

As the Verona community has continued to experience incredible population and economic growth, city officials sought to maximize their aquatic recreational offerings, beginning with a massive expansion project at Fireman’s Park to refresh the outdated space and offer residents new recreational amenities.

The city partnered with Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) and MSA Professional Services to develop an entirely new recreational vision for Fireman’s Park that reflected community desires and citizen input. The comprehensive facility now features a 3,600 square-foot interactive Vortex Splashpad, a 3,100 square-foot playground, a new park shelter, beach improvements and waterfront inflatables, shade structures and site amenities, new parking lots, soccer fields and basketball courts, accessible park pathways, landscaping and more! (Scroll to continue…)