Case Study: Cliff Fen Park

Burnsville, Minnesota

Cliff Fen Park is considered a local favorite and popular destination for many families and daycare organizations throughout the area.

In an effort to maximize its family-friendly recreational amenities, city officials sought help from Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to design and install an interactive Splashpad that would bring a totally new aquatic experience to the park. The Burnsville Lions Club graciously donated $70,000 to help fund the project as Cliff Fen Park is a cornerstone of the community.

Completed in 2015, the Splashpad was conveniently installed next to an existing playground. CRS custom designed the Splashpad to cover nearly 2,000 square feet. It boasts multiple interactive water features to keep children engaged. Picnic shelters are nearby to also provide ample shade for parents and community gatherings. The Splashpad has greatly added to the park’s popularity and has been a huge hit in the community.

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