Case Study: Central Park

Rosemount, Minnesota

From desolate to delightful. For several years the City of Rosemount, Minnesota had been looking for ways to bring residents together in the downtown area. Local officials and their design team developed a multi-phased plan for renovating Central Park, a large park in the city’s downtown area. The renovation included the addition of shelters and a Splashpad. They looked to  Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to help start the renovation and create an engaging space that would help attract residents to the downtown area.

In the place of one of two ice rinks, CRS worked to design a Splashpad that would appeal to a wide range of age groups. This Splashpad featured two separate areas, one with a variety of exciting ground sprays and another that featured the Vortex Water Journey Labyrinth event that teaches kids cause and effect. The low profile design of this Splashpad allows the area to be multi-functional for special events while the park continues development. Rosemount now has a new, fresh experience that brings aquatic play to the downtown area.

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