Case Study: Bird Creek Park

Wautoma, Wisconsin

After planning to build a pool for more than 15 years, the Wautoma Rotary Club and the local community decided a Splashpad would be a better solution. “The club received a donation over fifteen years ago for a swimming pool, but nothing had been built. With input from Wautoma residents, we decided a Splashpad would better serve the community,” said Tim Freudenthal, President of the Wautoma Rotary Club.

With the consulting and installation assistance of CRS, the Wautoma Rotary Club was finally able to gift the city the unique water feature the community had been looking for.

The Splashpad at Bird Creek Park has a capacity of over 100 and includes three Splash Bays, appealing to a multi-generational audience through age-appropriate design elements. Areas of play include Discovery Bay for small children with a soft Water Jelly Spray; Adventure Bay for older children including the colorful WaterQuest feature; and Action Bay for competitive play and an interactive Soak Station.

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