Case Study: Bielenberg Park

Woodbury, Minnesota

As one of the only suburbs of Minneapolis without a community swimming facility, city officials recognized the need for aquatics-based recreation in the City of Woodbury. As part of the Bielenberg Sports Center expansion, city officials worked with Commercial Recreation Specialists to design a Splashpad that would bring a new aquatic experience to the park for children of all ages and abilities.

The custom designed Splashpad offers nearly 10,000 square feet of aquatic action within two activity bays, with the smaller bay offering specialized features for younger children, and the larger bay designed with features—such as colorful dumping buckets, flower showers, nozzles and more—that the whole family can enjoy. To help anchor the Splashpad as a destination for family fun, it was located adjacent to Madison’s Place playground, making it the perfect place for family recreation!

The Splashpad also provides the City of Woodbury with an eco-friendly solution with its Flow-Through water management system which encourages water conservation. Once the system is activated, water sprays for approximately four minutes before automatically shutting off, helping reduce water usage when the system is not being used. Excess water drains into a nearby storm water pond, where it is reused to irrigate the outdoor fields of Bielenberg Park.

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