Case Study: Belleville Aquatic Center

Belleville, Wisconsin

The Aquatic Center owned by the School District of Belleville was in dire need of a transformation. The outdated facility which included an Olympic swimming pool and a kiddie pool, was draining district resources due to constant maintenance issues, expensive chemical treatments, and the necessity of lifeguard personnel. The school district grappled with finding a solution and the idea of a splash park was initially dismissed. However, with the help of Brian Stracke from Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS), the district was able to reimagine the space and install a captivating Vortex Splashpad within the existing footprint of the aging kiddie pool.

The transformation wasn’t simply about replacing the shallow pool with a Splashpad. It was really about creating a dynamic play area that catered to a broader range of imaginative experiences. The new design ensured a safe zero-depth play area, eliminating the need for lifeguards. The splashpad also provided a more inclusive way to engage in interactive play for people of all ages and abilities.

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