Bleachers & Dugouts

From simple three-row bleachers to mighty grandstands, we have a variety of field and court-side options to providing seating for your spectators. Not only are fans in the stands taken care of, but players can enjoy a shady dugout when off the field. Customizable powder-coated roof paint available. Call 877-896-8442 to talk to a Recreation Specialist to help find bleacher and dugout solutions to fit your site and budget.


  • b3r19a-3_3-row-19ft-bleachers-with-railing-in-center -gallery
  • kgtr03075std_3-row-tip-n-roll-bleacher -gallery
  • kgnb1015gstd_10-row-bleacher-with-guardrail -gallery
  • dg1030powdergirts_30-foot-team-dugout-with-orange-top_cedarburg-softball-4 -gallery
  • dg1030powdergirts_30-foot-team-dugout-with-orange-top_cedarburg-softball-5 -gallery
  • dugout-rail-and-rail-pad-2-375-inch-od-material-powder-coated-uwgb-softball-stadium -gallery