Fast-action fun! Aeroball is an intense, vertical action sport – on a trampoline! Jump and soar to the basket as you try to outscore your opponent. The game is simple – yet competitive. Players reach astronomical heights in the competition for vertical superiority and, in no time at all, are inventing spectacular shots to catch their opponent off guard. Double-wall court separators provide safety and help make Aeroball social-distancing friendly too.

It’s a great activity for users of all age levels helping to improve balance and coordination while learning to work as a team! Aeroball is perfect for camps, campgrounds, trampoline parks, or any place where fun and fitness is the goal.


Players score points by throwing the ball in the top hole of the opponent’s net, while the opponent times their jump to block the shot. Unlike basketball, the Aeroball nets are vertically mounted to allow for hard, direct shots rather than looping shots. The ball is made of soft leather with soft fabric stuffing.



15'5" L x 8' W x 14'6" H, 15'5" L x 15'5" W X 14'6 H


450 lbs, 920 lbs

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