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Maintenance Supplies

Extend the life of your investment. To make sure that you have your equipment around for a long, long time, proper cleaning and maintenance is critical. We have the specialty tools and supplies you’ll need to keep everything humming along. Things like cleaning solutions, repair kits, valves, gauges, specialty wrenches and… well, you get the idea.

  • CRS Custom Length Hose for Fury Pump

  • CRS Fury Pump

  • CRS Y Connector for Fury Pump

  • Indikon Foul Off™

  • Indikon Hyper-Slide™ PVC

  • Indikon Maxi Clean PVC

  • Indikon Poly Guard™ UV

  • Indikon Repelin™ PVC

  • Wibit Accessories Kit Open Water

  • Wibit Accessories Kit Open Water (Includes Repair Tool Box)

  • Wibit Ball Pump

  • Wibit PVC Care & Protection (1 Liter)

  • Wibit PVC Cleaner

  • Wibit Repair Tool Box

  • Wibit Electric Pump

  • Wibit Electric Pump Air Filter

  • Aquaglide Handle

  • Aquaglide Hurricane 110v Pump

  • Aquaglide Hurricane 230v Pump

  • Aquaglide QuickStrap

  • Gallon 303 Protectant

  • HH 66 Vinyl Cement

  • Pro Maintenance Kit

  • PVC Material

  • RAVE Poly Guard UV Protectant

  • RAVE Repelin Inflatable Protectant

  • RAVE Speed Clean Inflatable Cleaner

  • Replacement Safety Pad for Bouncer XXL

  • Replacement Safety Pad for Trampoline 4

  • Wibit Anchor Plate for Safety Buoy

  • Wibit Bar Holder

  • Wibit Bouncer XXL Jumping Mat

  • Wibit Bungee Cord For Safety Pad

  • Wibit Carrying Handle

  • Wibit Climbing Handle

  • Wibit Double Action Hand Pump

  • Wibit Double D-Ring Anchor Plate

  • Wibit Electric Pump Valve Adapter

  • Wibit Hand Pump Valve Adapter

  • Wibit Handle

  • Wibit Manometer

  • Wibit PVC Material

  • Wibit Repair Kit

  • Wibit Shackle

  • Wibit Single Anchor Plate

  • Wibit Stainless Steel Screw

  • Wibit Trampoline 4 Jumping Mat

  • Wibit Trampoline Spring (1pc.)

  • Wibit Valve Cap

  • Wibit Velcro Adaptor

  • Wibit Velcro Strap

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