Rowdy Ribbit’s

Kansas City, Missouri

Get rowdy! Back in August 2016, the now owners of Rowdy Ribit’s, Brittani and Brandon Hatley, took a family vacation where they spent time at an inflatable aqua park. The family had an absolute blast and the time of their lives.

With no attraction like this in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, Brittani and Brandon were eager to learn more about how to get started with a park of their own. After a discussion with the park owners and learning more about their overall operations, they were confident that this is what they were meant to do.

Brittani was connected with Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) to begin the process of bringing this new venture to life. CRS worked closely with the couple to custom design the Rowdy Ribbit’s Sports Park taking into consideration the allocated space, park capacity and water depths. (Scroll to continue…)

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